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As a tour operator, City Tours GmbH offers individually designed holiday packages for groups and individual travelers anywhere in Austria. Based on your request, we help you develop your personal tour schedule relying upon decades of know-how in Austrian tourism. We guarantee you the very best possible time usage for your holiday in Austria as well as excellent cost effectiveness. Besides that, we offer you the possibility to book all required services with one single provider: Our service includes hotel reservations, transportation service, tour guide service, event ticketing, translation service and more. Whatever you need to make your holiday in Austria a perfect experience, the tour operator department of City Tours Austria will be glad to arrange for it. There are only seven steps between your first idea and your actual holiday in Austria:

Important information
While we are still working on the translation and upload of our service catalogue, we would be glad to reply to your requests individually. You may contact us anytime at or by using our contact form.
Step 1: Your request. Whatever kind of holiday in Austria you might have in mind, feel free to contact us. In order to enable us to send you our first program proposal as quickly as possible, please let us know as many details as possible. Questions that are of interest to us are for instance:
  • Are you planning a holiday for yourself, for a friend or for clients of yours?
  • How many participants are there going to be?
  • When will your stay in Austria take place? Do you already know the precise arrival and departure dates? Maybe along with the respective flight numbers?
  • Which places in Austria are you going to visit? Vienna? Salzburg? Tyrol? Styria? Others?
  • Where are you from? Where are the other participants from?
  • How are you going to travel when in Austria? By train? By coach? By car? Have you arranged for it yet?
  • How old are the participants approximately? Pupils? Students? Adults? Senior citizens?
  • What kind of service are you interested in? Room reservation? Meal arrangements? Transportation service? Guided tours? Transportation service? Theatre / concert / opera tickets? Outdoor activities (games, sports, animation)?
  • If interested in guided tours, city tours and museum visits: Do you prefer public departures along with other people or do you wish private tours just for yourselves?
  • Do you have special topics of interest? (example: architecture, fine arts, music, religion, history, dancing, nature,...)
  • What is the purpose of your holiday in Austria? (example: vacation, business-trip, educative tour,...)
  • Do you have a precise maximum budget for your holiday in Austria? If not: are you looking for budget, standard or deluxe services? (example: hotel category, seat categories,...)
Step 2: Our first program proposal. Based upon your request, we will prepare you a first program proposal, usually within 2-3 working days. Our first proposal will already contain detailed pricing information along with information about available alternatives. This allows you to choose between several options and to find the program that best suits your ideas and your budget by adding, modifying or eliminating individual elements from the schedule.
Step 3: Elaboration of your program schedule. After having chosen your preferred options, you let us know what you would actually like to book. Should you have any questions, we will gladly provide you all necessary information to facilitate your choice. We will then send you a new program proposal including only the elements you opted for. If necessary, this procedure can be repeated until you are completely content with the composition of your program schedule.
Step 4: Your booking. Once everything is discussed, we will send you a booking form that specifies all important details (included service, booking and cancellation conditions, legal information about our company, total price etc.). We then kindly ask you to send us the signed form by fax to confirm your booking.
Step 5: Our reconfirmation. After having received your booking, we will reconfirm it by sending you - usually within two working days - a detailed reconfirmation form with a list of all involved service providers (hotels, drivers, tour guides,...), along with all maps, photos and phone numbers you might need. We recommend you print this document and take it with you to Austria in order to have easy access to all required information.
Step 6: Your holiday in Austria. All preparations for your holiday in Austria are concluded, all you still need to do is to send us the required payment according to the given delays and percentages. City Tours will take care of all practical details of your holiday in Austria and guarantees that all booked service elements will be dutyfully delivered to you. Should you encounter any whatsoever difficulty, you may contact our emergency hotline anytime and we will take care of your needs as quickly as possible.
Step 7: Feedback. When back home to your country, you will be contacted by City Tours one last time: As we aim for the highest service standard, we systematically ask all our customers for their feedback about the quality of the service they have booked with us. This helps us to further improve our standard and allows us to continuously evaluate our partners. Of course, you don't have to answer us, but we would be thankful if you did because no one can ever really judge the quality of a holiday except for the one who consumed it!
Do you want to know more about our service? Do you have any questions? Or do you wish to rely upon our service as an experienced Austrian tour operator? Please feel free to contact us anytime at . We are looking forward to your message!

Please note that the text on this page has not yet been reviewed by our translation department and excuse us for any mistakes that might have occurred!

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